The Biochar Workshop at Pony Farm

This is an introduction to the Biochar Roundtable at the Lodge at Pony Farm in Temple, New Hampshire, on May 9, 2009. It was a pioneering event!

Before we move on. let’s watch Hugh McLaughlin demonstrate some TLUD stoves he makes with scrap tin cans…

If you want a more graphic illustration of how the TLUD does not burn the fuel but rather the gases that have been driven off the fuel as smoke, here is a video I made showing lots of smoke being burned off. The next demonstration produced charcoal with a retort made from a recycled Cornelius keg.  I’ve taken the liberty of assuming that most people looking at this site would not be familiar with the Cornelius keg. In the following video, Hugh explains what it is and how to convert one as an excellent and affordable retort.

These kegs have been discovered by the homebrew beer set and they might be driving the price up.

And now for the keg in action as a retort for making charcoal from wood scraps.

You will see more videos of the Cornelius keg because Hugh gave me one to experiment with.  I can hardly wait!  This more fun than the old Gilberts Chemistry Sets  (if anyone remembers!).

Dr. Thomas B. Reed is going to show us his technique for making charcoal with inspiration from Jack Daniels.



Tom modified the Jack Daniels “rick” for a technique for making a home brew. Of charcoal, of course!

Dr. Hugh McLaughlin

Hugh McLaughlin, PhD, PE has a professional consulting practice in Chemical Engineering. He is an expert on the properties and production of chars, created by pyrolyzing biomass, and the subsequent conversion to activated carbons.

The Inventions and Works of Dr. Thomas Reed

“Tom Reed is a chemist and an inventor with more than a dozen patents, an author, and an expert in many areas of renewable energy.”

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